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Off-Street Parking

Find Parking

Do you want to find parking in downtown Lexington? Whether you are just visiting for an hour, want to open a new business or you work downtown and need monthly parking, we have a space for you. Click on the links to the left for more information then contact us directly at info@lexpark.org or call 231-PARK.

Garage Monthly Parker Portal

Find and pay for monthly garage parking via our portal here.


Off-Street Parking Overview

LEXPARK owns 3 garages in downtown Lexington and manages a fourth LFUCG owned garage that total over 2,200 spaces combined. There are also many other parking garages and lots in the downtown area that are open to the public. For information on LEXPARK Garages or other garages and lots in the area, click on the links to the left. If you have any questions that we have not covered e-mail your questions to info@lexpark.org.​

Downtown Parking Availability Survey

Periodically throughout the year, The Lexington Parking Authority conducts a survey on the availability of off-street parking in the downtown area. Click here to see the most recent study results.

National Parking Rate Survey

There are over 10,000 parking spaces in downtown Lexington.  Click here to see how our parking rates compare nationally.