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LEXPARK Spotlight: Meet Shane!

Shane Hall, lead CSR for LEXPARK

Do you need assistance? She can help! Meet Shane, the Lead Customer Service Representative at LEXPARK. If you have a question, need help, or are just looking for someone who can provide top-tier customer service, Shane is the perfect person for the job. With a strong sense of what is important to carry out proper and friendly customer service, Shane is an integral part of what makes LEXPARK a friendly, community-forward staple in Downtown Lexington!

Learn more about Shane and her work with LEXPARK below.

Shane Hall, lead CSR at LEXPARK

Having originally learned about the job from a friend, Shane became a part of the LEXPARK team and quickly realized she enjoyed the work. As the lead CSR, Shane works alongside other likeminded individuals who seek to provide informative, succinct, and caring customer service to those who need assistance.

The enjoyment of helping people draws Shane to this job, where she relates that she believes in, ”Strong and friendly customer service.” She understands that customers can have frustrations on a day-to-day level, and she works diligently to provide solutions to their problems.

LEXPARK focuses on the community, giving back when possible and providing programs that support those around us. When discussing projects that stand out to her, Shane stated that “Food for Fines is a wonderful program.” This program allows those with parking tickets to pay off any outstanding balances by donating food. By coming together to support those in need, this LEXPARK program highlights the importance of supporting our community.

“When we go downtown, it is for the food. We park in the Victorian Square Garage because it is so close to where we love going.” As so many in Lexington have found, our many parking options make it easy to get to where you need to go, and to try new delicious varieties of food and local shops afforded by Downtown Lexington!

Being able to bring value to our community is one of our most important aspects when it comes to LEXPARK’s work, and it remains one of our continued and focused efforts. Shane believes that the services provided by LEXPARK positively impacts both residents of Lexington and those visiting from out of town, especially when she gets a chance to help them solve any problems they may face!