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LEXPARK Spotlight: Meet Jennifer!

A photo of LEXPARK employee Jennifer Taplin

Service with a smile! “The most rewarding part of my job is the fact that I am an Ambassador for the city of Lexington. This allows me to represent the city in a positive way by enforcing ordinances that are conducive to the economic growth of Lexington.” As someone with good communication and problem-solving skills, Jennifer is an integral part of making sure LEXPARK exceeds expectations!

Learn more about Jennifer and her work with LEXPARK below.

A photo of LEXPARK employee Jennifer Taplin

As a Parking Enforcement Officer who has been with LEXPARK since 2023, Jennifer cheerfully describes her work as, “a wonderful experience!” Initially attracted to the role because she liked the idea of working outside, Jennifer’s journey with LEXPARK has introduced her to friendly coworkers who have encouraged and supported her continued success. 

Being able to interact with and help others is also a huge draw to this profession for Jennifer. ”For me, being a Parking Enforcement Officer is more than just writing citations because I am able to interact and help others.” Jennifer understands the importance of service with a smile, and that sometimes, “all it takes is a smile and a ‘good morning’ to make somebody’s day.”

In providing careers to Kentucky residents, LEXPARK focuses on the well-being of our team members, especially a healthy work-life balance. We aim to foster a supportive culture where employees like Jennifer can effectively manage their professional responsibilities alongside personal interests. When not at work, Jennifer enjoys spending her time creating crafts with her children as well as traveling. She states that being able to make plans ahead of time for trips or events, “typically makes juggling work and personal life a little bit easier.”

When she’s not spending time with her family at home or broadening her horizons with travel, Jennifer mentions that any time in downtown Lexington is usually spent eating at restaurants. Thanks to LEXPARK, Jennifer has learned about a selection of delicious local options that she didn’t know about prior. 

Contributing to the team’s success by way of being a master at communication and problem solving skills, Jennifer also notes that she’s an active listener. All of these elements not only make her an exceptional Parking Enforcement Officer, but also a commendable and essential LEXPARK employee, as someone who can de-escalate situations and find solutions for any issues quickly. Bringing value to the community is one of the most important aspects of LEXPARK’s work, and one of our continued and focused efforts.

Jennifer believes that the services that LEXPARK provides positively impacts both residents and visitors in Lexington, because LEXPARK’s services, “help with the economic growth and development for the city, as well as its business.”