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LEXPARK Spotlight: Meet Jared!

A photo of LEXPARK employee Jared Daugherty

Meet one of the vibrant faces of our LEXPARK family: Jared! With six years of dedicated service under his belt, Jared aims to make a positive impact in the community. “It feels rewarding to know my work makes a difference and improves the parking experience for our community.” From assisting people to quickly fixing a broken kiosk, Jared’s continues to make parking a breeze for all of us!

Learn more about Jared and his work with LEXPARK below.

Jared’s LEXPARK journey started six years ago with some basic goals in mind. He knew he wanted to work outdoors, and being able to include his experience with technology was a welcome benefit. “I started working for LEXPARK six years ago. I had applied for a meter maintenance position at that time. I enjoy working outdoors and with technology, which is something I get to do every day at LEXPARK.”

During those six years, his experience with LEXPARK has grown and evolved, and he’s always willing to go out of his way to assist those who are searching for reliable parking in downtown Lexington. “It feels rewarding to know my work makes a difference and improves the parking experience for our community. I enjoy helping folks understand how to use our many kiosks and meters. I remember a specific instance where someone from out of town came to Lexington and did not understand how to use a pay station on the street. I was able to assist them and they were thankful, saying, ‘Downtown Lexington can be intimidating, but you made me feel better knowing my parking is taken care of.'”

Being part of the LEXPARK family has had a positive impact on his daily outlook and routine, which also spills over into his outside-of-work activities. “I enjoy fishing and watching sports outside of work. LEXPARK makes that easy as they have a bonus PTO program which rewards employees for attendance and appearance.” Beyond kicking his feet up for some relaxation on his off days, Jared also frequents downtown Lexington for leisure. “I enjoy going to RUPP arena for event such as concerts and basketball games. LEXPARK provides easy access to parking within walking distance of RUPP.”

Reflecting on his journey with LEXPARK so far, Jared understands that his multiple skill sets aid him throughout the workday both with the public and behind the scenes. “I believe my greatest strength is my versatility. Any given day I can go from replacing a broken parking meter post to coordinating meetings and schedules with contractors to working on network issues in our office.”

Contributing to seamless parking in Lexington is a continuous job for the LEXPARK family, and as such, Jared stresses the importance of the work that LEXPARK provides. “LEXPARK brings value to the community by providing a competitive rate for our parking. We survey other cities of similar size and demographic throughout the country, as well as local private companies, to provide the most cost conscious parking for our community while balancing the needs for infrastructure repair and cost. LEXPARK is local. The money spent on parking, whether on the street or in the garages, goes right back into making parking in Lexington safe and efficient.”