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The Lexington & Fayette County Parking Authority (LFCPA), known as LEXPARK, is “a public body, corporate and politic, and shall act as an agency, instrumentality and constituted authority of the urban county government in the provision, maintenance and operation of adequate and reasonably priced parking facilities, structures, and meters along with the enforcement of non-moving traffic violations, including the residential parking permit program, to protect and promote the safety, comfort, convenience and welfare of the people of Lexington-Fayette County.”

For more information, see Charter And Code Of Ordinances Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government, ARTICLE XIII – Parking Authority.

LEXPARK operates over 1,000 metered parking spaces throughout Downtown Lexington and nearby Chevy Chase neighborhood, as well as four parking garages:

  • Victorian Square Garage | 350 W. Short St.
  • Transit Center Garage | 150 E. Vine St.
  • Helix on Main Garage | 156 E. Main St.
  • Courthouse Garage | 105 Barr St.

For more information, visit Find Parking.


The simplest way to pay for parking in the garage is to utilize your phone.

If you are in Helix, Victorian Square, or Courthouse Garage, text “PAY” to 859-710-5413 and follow the prompts.

If you are in Transit Center Garage, text “TRANSIT” to 25023 and follow the prompts.

You will need to know your license plate number. There are also payment kiosks in the exit lanes and POFs (Pay on Foot machines) in the garages. POFs take cash and credit cards. Exit lanes take credit cards ONLY with the single exception being the Main Street exit of Helix Garage. 

There is a 5-minute turnaround grace period for those who enter the garage and, for whatever reason, need to leave immediately without parking. After paying for your parking in a garage facility, you have 20 minutes to exit the facility before incurring additional charges.

The hospitality rate is a discounted rate of $20 + tax per month for individuals who work or live downtown that need evening and weekend parking. Customers may enter the facility after 3:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and must leave by 9:00 a.m. the following morning. Parking is also permitted from 3:00 p.m. Friday through 9:00 a.m. Monday morning.

Victorian Square Garage, Helix Garage, and Courthouse Garage have a maximum daily rate of $12. Transit Center Garage has a maximum daily rate of $10. 


  • Any vehicle that has two or more citations which have been assessed a late fee is eligible for immobilization. A notification letter is sent to the registered owner of the vehicle, who then has eight days from the date on the letter to pay the past due amount. If the balance remains unpaid, the vehicle will receive a barnacle or a boot if it is observed parked on a public street by our staff, and a $90 immobilization fee will be added to the account. If the balance remains unpaid 24 hours later, the vehicle will be impounded. 
  • If a vehicle has a boot, please call our office at 859-231-7275 during office business hours, which are Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., to make your payment. Once the payment is processed, a staff member will remove the boot.
  • If a vehicle has a barnacle, please follow the directions on the sticker left on the vehicle. Once payment is made, you will receive a 4-digit code to enter on the barnacle to release it. After it is released, it must be returned to the barnacle drop box that is located inside the Victorian Square Garage on 350 W. Short Street. 

This is a letter to notify the registered owner of the vehicle that said vehicle is eligible for immobilization. The balance listed on the letter must be paid within 8 days of the date on the letter to prevent immobilization. You may use the citation portal on our website to pay the citations or view any available pictures.

If you have two or more citations that are 10 days or more past due, you are eligible for immobilization. Be sure to pay your citations in a timely manner.

Anyone with two or more unpaid citations as indicated in the prior question is eligible for immobilization. 


Our hours of enforcement have recently been updated. All metered spots are enforced Monday-Friday, from 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Meaning, tickets are issued for any payment failures or parking violations during this time. Saturday and Sunday remain free. Enforcement for all other violations can be done on any day, at any time.

All meters accept coins, credit/debit cards, and the PayByPhone app. Select meters accept bills.

If you come across a broken or malfunctioning meter, please contact LEXPARK and let us know at Be sure to include the meter number in your message, which can be found on the post directly below the meter head on the street side of the meter.

According to Lexington-Fayette County Ordinances, Sec. 18-123, “No person shall park a vehicle between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m., except in emergency situations, on the following paved streets of the urban county within the described boundary, when indicated by appropriate signs.”

East and west direction

Vine Street to Main to Main Street

Main Street from Jefferson to Midland Avenue

Short Street from Spring to Esplanade

Barr Street from North Limestone to Martin Luther King Blvd

Pleasant Stone Street from North Limestone to Martin Luther King Blvd

North and south direction

Broadway from High Street to Second Street

Mill Street from High Street to Second Street

Cheapside from Short Street to Main Street

Market Street from Short Street to Church Street

Upper Street from High Street to Second Street

Limestone Street from High Street to Third Street

Martin Luther King Blvd. from Main Street to Pleasant Stone

Quality Street from Main Street to Vine Street

Deweese Street from Main Street to Short Street

(Ord. No. 146-76, § 1, 7-22-76; Ord. No. 34-87, § 1, 3-5-87; Ord. No. 166-94, § 1, 8-25-


Citations are issued by LEXPARK, the Lexington Police Department, and in less common instances, the Bluegrass Airport.

If your citation has six digits and starts with 5, it was issued by the Lexington Police Department. These citations are entered into our system manually, so there may be a delay between when the citation is issued and when it populates online so that you can pay it or appeal it. Please reach out to us at if your citation has not been uploaded in five business days. 

If your citation has eleven digits and starts with 2, it was issued by LEXPARK and will populate in our online system immediately. 

To pay or appeal a LEXPARK citation, visit LEXPARK Parking Portal and follow the prompts.


If your plate is registered in a state other than Kentucky, you must change the state accordingly. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact us at or 859-231-7275.

Your primary ID is the username you create, or have previously created, for your account.