122 North Broadway
Lexington, KY 40507

859.231.PARK (7275)
M-F 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


Driven by our love our Lexington, we prioritize collaborating with local partners, investing in our community, and giving back. LEXPARK is not taxpayer funded. The revenue generated from parking goes back into funding the program, such as operating enforcement and maintaining parking garages


Featured in the Lexington Mural Challenge, the Victorian Square Garage hosts pieces from artists and activists like PRHBTN, Hitnes, Lacy Hale, Ciara LeRoy/Pretty Strange and Belong Lex. We like to think of it as Lexington’s unexpected art gallery.

The Helix Garage, named one of the Coolest Parking Spots in the U.S., illuminates Lexington’s Main Street with state-of-the-art technology. The lighting system can be programmed to change colors for community events and holidays. Catch us showing support, celebrating, and welcoming visitors with our ever-changing display.

In addition to art in our garages, LEXPARK proudly contributed to Breaking the Bronze Ceiling’s “Stand” Statue on the corner of Vine and Mill St. This installation features five suffragette figures and honors the 19th amendment, which recognized women’s right to vote.

“Besides providing convenient and safe parking facilities, we also need to make sure we enhance rather than detract from the visual appeal of our city. We would be shortsighted to present the most utilitarian solution.”


Since 2014, LEXPARK has partnered with customers to help those experiencing hunger in our community. Our nationally recognized Food for Fines program gives people the opportunity to reduce or eliminate what they owe on outstanding citations in exchange for donations of nonperishable food items.

Food for Fines collects thousands of cans of food every December to benefit God’s Pantry Food Bank.

“This program shows the spirit of our community, with LEXPARK and citizens coming together to support those in need.”


From providing the community with months of free parking to creating 22 free curbside pickup locations to assist restaurants fulfill the need for carry out and delivery options, LEXPARK adapted to serve the community in 2020 amidst COVID-19.

After parking fees returned, LEXPARK hosted a two-week meter donate drive. All parking meter revenue generated during this time was donated local causes, including the Blue Grass Community Foundation COVID Response Fund and God’s Pantry Food Bank.


We take going green seriously. We are proud of our many sustainability initiatives and our ongoing commitment to being environmentally conscious.

Stormwater Installation:

  • Our stormwater installation, featuring colorful, permeable concrete, collects rainwater and water runoff in the Helix garage on Main St. The water is filtered underground before being sent to the Town Branch watershed.
  • If water runoff is not collected and filtered, it runs over surfaces picking up pollutants, litter, and all that drips off vehicles, until it finds a storm drain where it travels to our rivers and lakes along with everything it picked up on the way!


  • Studies show up to 30% of vehicle miles traveled in a downtown area are people looking for parking.
    We strive to reduce the need for circling (and the emissions it causes) by maintaining parking garages, both structurally and technologically. Each of our garages provides real-time parking space availability information via an LED counter display.
  • We also offer the option to plan your parking and reserve spaces in advance.

Everyday Actions:

  • All LEXPARK single-space meters and multi-space pay stations are solar-powered.
    Lighting has been upgraded to utilize energy efficient LED options. Additionally, daylight sensors and motion sensors are utilized at off-street facilities wherever possible.
  • Parking Ambassadors either walk or utilize electric, hybrid or other efficient vehicles on their route.
  • We use rechargeable electronic handheld ticket writers, submit monthly reports electronically, and utilize recycled paper when printing is necessary.
  • We encourage customers to use one of our paperless options, like the PayByPhone app or the
  • Credit Card In/Out payment method.

Land Use

  • Parking garages play a part in responsible land use, providing more spaces while utilizing less land than surface lots. Building up, and not out, helps protect our area’s horse farms and bluegrass.