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The Lexington & Fayette County Parking Authority (LFCPA), known as LEXPARK, is a quasi-governmental agency.

Our mission is to provide, maintain, and operate adequate, high-quality, customer-focused public parking and encourage economic growth for the benefit of the residents, businesses, and visitors of Lexington-Fayette County.

We currently manage 1,208 metered spaces, parking on 49 neighborhood streets, and four garages featuring over 2,000 spaces:

downtown lexington parking meter


Kentucky establishes KRS 67A.910 through 67A.928.

LFUCG establishes Resolution 300-80, Ordinance 2-178.

LFCPA Board of Commissioners is established.

Lexington & Fayette County Parking Authority, known as LEXPARK, is established.
On-Street and Off-Street contracts begin.

90-day warning program is established.

Upgraded wind-up meters to digital meters.

Updated most meters from 1-hour time limit to 2-hour time limit.

50 solar-powered meters are installed.

Increased rates at all meters.

PayByPhone payment option is established.

LEXPARK assumes ownership of three garages from LFUCG and management of a fourth
garage from LFUCG.

LEXPARK invests $3.1M to restore the Helix parking garage to a safe condition and extend its useful life by 20 years.

New interior signage installed at all garages.

Real-time space counters installed at all garages.

Award-winning architectural lighting system is completed at Helix garage.

Food for Fines program is established.

Capital Asset Management Plan (CAMP), a 20-year maintenance plan, is created.

SpotHero spot reservation option is established.

LEXPARK became an Accredited Parking Organization

Converted Transit Center garage to a gateless solution.

LEXPARK is awarded Lexington-Fayette County Environmental Commission’s Annual

Environmental Award for work on the Helix Parking Structure

Water Quality Improvement Project.

100% of parking meters become credit card capable.

Rates increased at all meters.


The Lexington & Fayette County Parking Authority (LFCPA) board studies and implements methods of providing adequate and reasonably priced parking facilities downtown. For more information, such as terms and bylaws, visit Parking Authority Board.


Develop and implement a strategic plan that addresses the parking concerns of both citizens and the business leaders of Lexington, while striving to meet the parking demand for reasonably priced parking for residents, commuters and visitors in the Downtown Area and the surrounding neighborhoods. This strategic plan shall include both On and Off-Street Parking programs, encourage economic growth, assist the City’s economic vitality, and be founded in the principles of transportation system management.


We recognize that parking is a business and a service, and as such, must follow a business model that is financially self-sustaining and founded in the economic law of supply and demand.

We will work to provide parking services quickly and efficiently, applying common sense, consistent enforcement, accountability, effective communication, and evaluation.

We recognize that consistent parking enforcement discourages illegal parking and promotes the free flow of traffic throughout the city. Enforcement of illegal parking maintains pedestrian safety; keeps fire lanes clear for emergencies, increases turnover of short-term parking spaces, and keeps loading zones clear for delivery.

We realize the importance of technology and will make every effort to utilize technology where appropriate. We believe that a short-term outlay of capital investment in technology will bring long term gains in the areas of customer service, revenue enhancements, input, maintenance and storage of records and audit functions.

We will improve communications at every level, especially between our residents and the Parking Authority staff and officials. Encouraging regular input from citizens on service improvements and changes, while providing an effective response mechanism for complaints and inquiries, will significantly enhance our ability to educate the public about our policies and ordinances.

We value Lexington’s economic, racial, and social diversity and are committed to fair and equitable treatment of all citizens. We will make every effort to embrace and maintain diversity while seeking to preserve and value our relationships with residents, businesses, and visitors of Downtown Lexington.

We will value our relationship with the Downtown Lexington Partnership and our Parking Authority Advisory Committee. We will strengthen and expand our relationships with them, while we seek their knowledge, advice, and counsel on the development of downtown and its parking needs.

We will have a clear, achievable, and well-thought-out Strategic Plan that will be the blueprint for parking in Lexington for the next decade. Input from citizens representing every part of the community will be sought in the planning process.

We will support and expedite projects that improve the quality of life for residents such as adding additional parking resources, renovating existing facilities when needed and enhancing the physical appearance of the community. And, with the same vigor, we will seek to enforce all code requirements.